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web design services for construction companies

You’d find hundreds of articles on the importance of having a good website for your construction business. People would try to catch your attention, convince you, and even urge you to develop a profound online presence.

But somewhere, you’d be perplexed regarding investing in a construction web design company. Honestly, your confusion is absolutely normal. It shows that you respect your hard-earned money and want to use it wisely. 

To that end, we’d say that the best practice to make a decision is to step into the customer’s shoes. 

Imagine yourself as a user scrolling through Google looking for a product. You identify a relevant link, click on it, and……..the website wouldn’t load. 

Would you stay on it? 

Let’s assume that you do. The home page appears — the colors are off, the call-to-action is not clear, you don’t receive any directions whatsoever.

Would you stay on it?

Let’s assume that you are remarkably patient (not everyone is). You look for their portfolio, and it isn’t there. Instead, there are some random testimonials with poor indentation.

Would you stay on it? Definitely NOT!

Many reports have stated that roughly 50% of website visitors require a website to load in under three seconds. The chances are that you are most likely one of those website visitors. See what we mean?

First Off, why is Website Design for Contractors as Essential as Ever?

There’s a phrase that modern-day businesses abide by — User Experience. The user experience concept covers everything from making the business relevant to the targeted audience and driving them through a comfortable sales pipeline. 

Now, that won’t happen if they will have to search you on Facebook pages or even worse — look through the occasional posters and flyers. Word of mouth might constitute high conversions, but it certainly isn’t the best means to spread the word, is it?

And honestly, the users would hardly try to contact you if you’re not listed on Google. After all, it’s 2021, and web design for your construction company is an essentiality.

A Website Advocates Your Value

More than anything else, a website is a mirror to your prominence. It bolsters your online reputation through testimonials, reviews, and projects. 

Consider this; a prospect is looking to spend $100,000+ for his office’s renovation. He heads over to your competition with their A-Z projects listed, the past associations boasted about, and feedback demonstrating service quality.

Would you risk missing out on such a lucrative deal just because you’re adamant about not investing in or upgrading your website? We know you aren’t, but you must know what it costs you if you’re still not there. 

A Website is Your Brand’s Identity

A few years ago, we would have agreed that a website promotes a brand’s identity. In 2021, it’s safe to say that a website is a brand’s identity. It’s no longer a facilitator but a platform for developing a reputation. 

From the first impression to brand recognition and credibility to consistency, a website design for contractors can be used in various ways to bring out the real you. 

In a 2019 survey covering residents from the US, UK, and Australia, Stackla revealed that more than 80% of the people prefer associating with a brand that appears authentic. 

Being in this business for a long time, we at MetricsLion understand that a website is a door to helping your brand develop an identity that can cater to a specific audience per your preference.

A Beautiful Website Wards off the Competition

There’s no denying that web design for contractors is still a buzz phrase. That is indicative of the fact that most businesses are in the thinking process right now. While some haven’t yet gone online, the others are still trying to figure out a way to revamp their not-so-good looking websites.

This makes way for an excellent opportunity for your construction company to dominate web design. With “dominate,” we are pointing towards a website that can catch-up with the trends and, at the same time, leave no room for your users to bounce off of your website and attend your competitors.

Why Should You Care About Investing in High-Quality Web Design?

It’s not just about being there. It’s more than that. In technical terms, it’s about ranking high (higher than your competitors) on Google. 

Here’s why you should care about high-quality web design for your construction company.

1. Google’s 2021 Page Experience Update — The Core Web Vitals

The Page Experience Update is going live in May this year. This is a significant update because Google will now be monitoring the user experience upon visiting your site. 


2. UI UX — Converting and Retaining the Leads

One of the best practices that our construction company web design team adheres to is understanding the customer persona and integrating it with our offerings. When we do that, we are better positioned to cater to their needs through a responsive web design. As a result, our conversion and retention rates considerably increase.

3. Lean Web Design

LEAN would make you wonder since it’s mostly used in relation to manufacturing, production, and construction. But Lean’s major principles apply everywhere — only if you want them to be applied. A high-quality web design for contractors can facilitate just that.

Rise Above the Competition with MetricsLion’s Website Design

Now you know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t upgraded your website or are still pondering over a probable online presence. You see, a lot of contractors are still working along with the old methods. Even if they’re making the most out of it, it’s not something you should look forward to. After all, you cannot afford to risk ignoring a massive audience base, or can you?

At MetricsLion, we believe that every construction and home improvement company should have its business listed on the Internet. The best possible way to do that is through an excellently developed and designed website. We know you don’t have the time to monitor the digital workings, and that’s understandable. For that reason, we employ experts experienced in website design for the construction companies.  Our digital marketing experience further allows us to align the websites with SEO. In short, you just need to define your requirements, continue doing what you do, and review the results — it’s as simple as that.


If the answer is no or barely, have our team perform an in-depth audit of your website & SEO for free, so you can see where your website needs improvement to boost leads.

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