9 Reasons Why Social Media Management is the Key to Success for Home Improvement Contractors

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When the audience on social media platforms constitutes about 4.3 billion users; when this audience increases in number by 1.3 million each day; when such audience spends 2+ hours daily hovering through the timeline and messaging — you know that’s an area to benefit from; you know that’s a space you need to manage. 

Social Media Management is a new and evolving field — a valuable service, especially for contracting businesses and home improvement companies looking to pave their way into the spotlight for better customer engagement and customer experience. 

There’s no denying that contractors and home improvement companies have the potential to increase their outreach and revenue by effectively utilizing social media channels. The purpose of this article is, thus, to help educate around the benefits of social media management for scaling the businesses and assisting them to achieve all the short- and long-term sales objectives they’ve envisioned. 

What Exactly is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management, otherwise known as SMM, is an area of specialization in social media that enables companies to create personable connections with prospective customers across different social media platforms. This allows the company to develop customer loyalty by establishing a two-way communication channel with its clients.

Social Media Management services are designed to generate quality leads and sales or increase site traffic at a minimal cost. The minimal cost doesn’t mean that a company has to compromise on brand awareness and credibility. It’s just that social media management, as a whole, is a lot optimized both in terms of performance and monetary compensation when compared to outsourcing for individual services. 

What are the Benefits of Social Media Management for Your Contracting / Home Improvement Business?

Lead Generation and Conversion

The benefits of Social Media Management have been proven to generate leads and improve conversion rates. People are more likely to convert to products when there is an active social media presence. This is especially true for contracting and home improvement businesses that are looking to establish their brand’s credibility and awareness among their prospective customers. 

One-on-one Dialogue with Customers 

One of the key benefits of Social Media Management is that it helps to create a one-on-one dialogue with customers. Such dialogue can lead to increased customer engagement, which can be beneficial for reaching new customers via advertisements and promotions. 

Swift Information Exchange

Social Media Management helps businesses communicate information quickly. This is especially important in the contracting and home improvement sector, for these businesses must communicate timely updates about projects or new services they have available as changes happen in the industry.

Elimination of Out-of-Pocket Marketing Costs

Social Media Management can also save time and money for home improvement companies. It does so by eliminating the need for in-house marketing teams. This can make space for them to focus on other more pressing matters, such as customer retention and improving current services. 

Keeping Your Competition in Check 

Social Media Management helps businesses to keep up with the latest trends in their industry. Businesses that are able to keep up with these trends will be able to build credibility faster than their competitors — a success-defining factor for dynamic and competitive businesses like contracting and home improvement.

Pushing Valuable Content to Authentic Audience

With the right social media management strategy, you will be able to plan and execute the right content for your company. Social media is a great source of engagement with your target audience. Your company’s profile can be relevant to certain content, which will provide value to your followers and help them follow your updates in the future.

Better Brand Recognition

SMM can help companies to be more visible and authentic in the market. Your brand will be able to get better visibility because your company won’t be afraid of moving on with trends. This will enable you to keep yourself relevant in the industry. 

Increased Customer Loyalty

SMM is one of the most important ways to increase customer loyalty. Your company will be able to communicate better with your customers and interact with them on a personal level. This will help you gain a loyal customer base for your products and services.

Better Customer Retention and Retrieval

Using social media management, you will be able to get your clients’ contact information and social profiles to assist them in receiving answers to any of their questions. You’ll have the means to create a customer database for future contacts, referrals, or promoting new projects. Social media can also help you find out if there is anything wrong with your project or product before it is delivered. The need for timely and quality solutions has increased over the years, which is where social media fills this gap in customer services.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Social Media Management Company?

While it’s fun to interact with fans on Twitter or Facebook, the average person has the attention span of a goldfish. Add to the challenges of scaling the business amidst such a dynamic environment by staying consistent in pushing valuable content — just not possible for a person who is already committed to a host of other things essential for a business’s growth. 

Hiring a social media management company not only addresses the above concerns but also adds an extra layer of value and credibility to the brand’s social presence. Here’s how:

Strategized Scaling Across Social Media Platforms

An SMM company offers the ability to scale your social media presence across multiple platforms. Thus, you can use the same strategies to engage your followers in different networks simultaneously. Furthermore, hiring SMM experts mean you can focus on attracting the right people who are already interested in your products or services since these individuals have subscribed to your social media pages.

Learning from Social Media Statistics (Behavior Analysis)

A social media management company helps you learn more about what works to engage your target audience and how they respond to various marketing tactics. You can utilize this information to develop the best plan that will be applicable in your industry.

Industry-Specific Strategies (Absolute Mastery)

SMM experts have the ability and knowledge to develop an ideal strategy that will meet the demands of your target audience. Thus, you may not have to worry about wasting resources on developing a strategy that won’t prove helpful in gaining traction with relevant end-users.

Clear Vision, Clear Goals

A set of goals and tasks for your social media team to follow is created, and you will be provided with reports on the progress being made. This way, you’ll have the means to track your social media progress in terms of the progress made with each social platform.

Finally, the Right People to do Your Job

Often, companies do not have the right people on board to manage their Social Media activities, and even if they do, the strategies are not always implemented correctly. The difference in working with a social media company is that the experts will be versed in getting the best out of every social channel or network.

So, What Will Social Media Management Do To Your Business?

The greatest benefit of social media management is cultivating a brand and reputation for your company. Your customers expect your company to be on social media. Therefore, it is good practice to do so, especially if you are in the construction or home improvement industry. This will give your company exposure across different platforms and help you get into peoples’ feeds, thus, further assisting you in expanding your business and keeping loyal customers coming back for more.

Curious to Know the Strategies to Dominate social media? Read along.

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