Common Website Navigation Issues That Are Annoying Your Visitors

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Common Website Navigation Issues That Are Annoying Your Visitors

When it comes to designing your business’s website, there should ideally be no expense spared. You need to use a responsive and compelling UI which fosters a good UX for your visitors. If not, you’ll most likely frustrate and annoy your visitors, causing them to visit your competitors’ sites instead. Unless you’re an incredibly niche business, you can’t afford to have your visitors bouncing away to competitors’ sites!

So, what exactly are some common website navigation issues to avoid? Here we go over some of the most prominent issues.


Do away with jargon and complicated language wherever possible. Not only will it alienate many of your visitors, it could make your website less clear.

Too many links

Most web designers recommend that your website should have no more than 7 links in its menu/navigation tab. Those with more complicated businesses should look into sub-menus which don’t intimidate and overwhelm users.

Non-responsive on mobile

Over 52% of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, meaning that your website must be mobile optimized and responsive. There’s a good chance that most of your visitors are on mobile, so make sure that your mobile site is usable and clear!

Links that don’t work

Something as simple as a misspelling or typo can lead to a 404 error which plunges visitors into a digital black hole, causing them to become frustrated. This can be tested with purpose-designed plugins or a team of web design specialists.

Unclear navigation

Although a bells-and-whistles Flash menu may look fancy, does it really offer your users the best UX? If your navigation system is convoluted or unclear, you will quickly annoy your visitors, who will leave in search of a more intuitive site. Simple color palettes and menu designs can guide visitors in the right direction, so be sure to make an effort with your digital mapping.

Excessive pop-ups

Pop-ups have their place, assuming they aren’t simply spamming users, but an excessive amount of pop-ups will quickly annoy and deter your users, especially if they’re trying to search for a menu item only for a pop-up to block their view and disorientate them. No one likes pop-ups, so try to avoid them where possible.


If the answer is no or barely, have our team perform an in-depth audit of your website & SEO for free, so you can see where your website needs improvement to boost leads.

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