Here’s Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Old Website

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In today’s digital world, it is incredibly important for your business to be online. Your business website is your business card, a flyer, an advertisement, all in one at an affordable cost. A good website is the best marketing asset a business can have.

The digital world is fast-changing, and the formula is to move with it or be consumed by it. Such a rapidly changing platform demands that you upgrade your old business website as soon as possible.

MetricsLion, the leading web design services Miami brings to you the top reasons why you should upgrade your old business website:

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Updating your website content according to the latest keywords suitable for your services is the fastest way of optimizing your search engine rankings. The better your rankings are, the higher your conversion rate will be. With that being said, you will not be able to get great results if your website is outdated. User experience plays a big role in rankings, and if Google sees that people are going to your website and exiting right out because it takes too long to load or it’s just not user friendly, you won’t get the desired ranking results. To get things going properly, you need web design services Miami that will help you achieve the goals you want for your business.

By updating your website, your target consumers are more likely to find your products. If your website is not continuously updated, search engine algorithms push it to a lower ranking, making it difficult for interested buyers to see your services. Our web development company Miami can help you by doing a free website analysis to show you areas on your website that need to be improved to maximize exposure and conversions.

Proactive Marketing

Proactive Marketing

Updating your website content, graphics, customer testimonials, etc. builds credibility in the visitor’s eyes. An old website that has stayed the same forever shows lazy marketing.

Today’s buyers are tech-save; they notice the little things. With MetricsLion’s professional custom web design Miami services, you can have an incredible custom made web design for your business.

By having a custom web design Miami it will help your business stand out from the competition. Your website can have interactive features, graphics, animations, and much more. Such proactive and engaging marketing builds credibility for your business and attracts more leads.


With time and advances in technology, our devices and operating systems keep changing. Making your website mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, and compatible with different operating systems versions is crucial to allow maximum targets to reach your products. We ensure that your website’s features, content, graphics, and animations are compatible with different operating systems and screen sizes. We believe in leaving no box unchecked.


If the answer is no or barely, have our team perform an in-depth audit of your website & SEO for free, so you can see where your website needs improvement to boost leads.

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