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home remodeling web design that converts more leads

In this information age, your website makes your company’s first impression on potential customers, and as is well known, the first impression is the last. An excellent remodeling website design is the best marketing tool you can have. Just as your company excels in renovating and beautifying homes, MetricsLion excels in designing world-class and aesthetic websites that help home remodeling companies convert more web visitors into leads.

Why your home Remodeling company should have a Website

The business of home remodeling relies on your sense of design and taste; your website should reflect the same. If you want to attract customers, it is crucial to have a professional home remodeling website design backed by a strong SEO marketing campaign. Our team of expert web designers specializes in designing alluring custom websites to cater to your needs.

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Better Conversion Rates

If you want to turn the visitors of your website into your customers, you need to improve your conversion rates. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that your website is designed in a way that will encourage website visitors to contact you.


We’re living in the digital world; therefore, being digitally present today is a necessity. In order for your business to grow, you must be able to gain your website visitors’ trust. A picture is worth a thousand words. Consumers will trust you with the task of remodeling their homes when they get to see your work.

Your Digital Display Window

Your website works as the display window for your business. It showcases your experience and previous projects and gives the consumers a preview of what your services are like. It is a 24x7 open information desk about your business that gives it a sense of authenticity.

have the edge over competitors

Most of your top competitors have top-notch websites that help them gain more leads and market gain. Make sure your business stays competitive by having your own professional website to help you grow the business and gain a competitive edge over competitors that have a website and those that don't.

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Expand Your Client Base

A professionally designed home remodeling website, with appropriate search engine optimization (SEO), can help your business widen its reach. Our team specializes in developing mobile-friendly websites that allow a visitor to navigate through your website easily whether they are viewing it from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Launching a website is the first step to start marketing your business online. Maintaining a good website is a sustainable and straightforward marketing strategy. It is a consistent and reliable way to grow your consumer base steadily.

remodeling website design that compliments your company brand

We do not believe in creating standard or generic websites that do not attract any visitors. We are committed to providing custom web design solutions to our clients based on their unique needs and company goals. The design and style of your website must reflect the exclusivity of your business.  Whether you want an android friendly website, a mobile-friendly one, a text-heavy website, or a graphic dominated one, we can do it all for you. At MetricsLion, your wish is our command, your preferences, goals, and needs are what guide our team of professionals.

Website design for contractors

why choose metricslion for your home remodeling website design?


MetricsLion houses a body of experienced and skilled staff who offer comprehensive digital marketing services. From Website designing to content creation to consultation regarding your needs, we offer it all. If you are new to the world of digital marketing, there’s no need to worry; our team will make the process of getting your business online for you hassle-free and transparent.


MetricsLion offers custom remodeling website design services exclusively catering to your needs. A good website helps put your business on the map. It attracts consumers and enhances brand retention. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping your business grow. A carefully designed and well-optimized website can exponentially increase the traffic to your website. The more people visit the website, the more they will get familiar with your business and are more likely to hire your services.


We believe that you understand your business the best. We focus on understanding your business needs and accordingly develop the perfect home remodeling website design for you. Running a business is a huge responsibility; furthermore, deciding to launch your website can be even more challenging. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering the best web design solutions for your business, as well as an incredible experience from beginning to end. Just like your clients trust you with their homes, You can trust us with your website! Schedule a free consultation today to speak to one of our MetricsLion team members!

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