How Does SEO Work and 6 Reasons Why It’s Essential for Your Business

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Deciphering SEO

It is true that you won’t convert leads if you don’t rank on the first page of Google. It is true that you won’t generate enough revenue if you don’t build a profound online presence. It is true that everything else would go in vain if you keep away from investing in SEO. 

After all, you can’t build a house on sand, or can you? Everything else, including paid advertisements that you commit to for building a sustainable online presence, is momentary. The only thing that stays and matters is the website’s relationship with the search engine. 

If the foundation of the same is strong, the building is naturally worth creating value and vice versa. 

In simple words, SEO or search engine optimization is the foundation of your business’s success on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Every website that endeavors to rank on the first page must abide by the best SEO strategies. 


Know this before you read further

The search engine favors the users. For businesses, it is a repository facilitating the knowledge about the target audience. Therefore, if you want to succeed in SEO, you must envision creating value for the users because when you do that, the search engine starts favoring you. 


How does SEO work?

A step-by-step guide:

  • The search engines and, in particular, Google is fond of feeding valuable information to the users. 
  • For that, Google matches the user’s INTENT with the most credible CONTENT. 
  • This credible content is identified based on RankBrain’s (Google’s Algorithm) semantic crawling — or, let’s just say, meaning-based analysis.
  • To appear as a candidate for selection, websites are optimized by SEO professionals according to Google’s preferences.
  • This optimization is known as search engine optimization. That’s it!

You might ask about Google’s preferences; actually, you should inquire about them because understanding them is of utmost importance for your business.

As of now, there are five significant aspects that Google Search takes into account for ranking the websites:

  1. Meaning of the search query
  2. Associated relevance of the web pages
  3. Quality of content on the website
  4. Cross-platform website usability
  5. Context and settings — details like location

Now, the best thing for businesses is that they can have direct control over 3, 4, and 5 and an indirect adherence to 1 and 2. 

Confused? Don’t be. We’ve simplified it for you.

Let’s start from the 5th, shall we?

1. Context of Search

Suppose you’re a general contractor operating in Miami. In that case, you’d naturally like to get featured on top of the first page for a query like “construction company Miami” or “general contractor in Miami.” 

Favorably, Google facilitates you to optimize your website for local search. With location-specific keywords like the ones mentioned, you can make yourself visible to potential customers. 

As an SEO agency in Miami, MetricsLion itself works in favor of optimizing the visibility for the Miami location. 

In the marketing language, optimization targeted towards garnering local attention is known as Local SEO

2. Cross-platform Website Usability

Merkleinc’s 2019 survey revealed that more than 60% of the organic search traffic in the US alone, sourced from Mobiles. 

Whenever we hear of websites, we automatically develop an image of a certain web page on a desktop, and that’s understandable. However, in 2021, a desktop isn’t the only place where your website would appear.

Some people might prefer scrolling through their smartphones, while others might use a tablet. Hence, the website must be developed in a way that caters to all the platforms and devices. 

And that’s under your control, isn’t it? 

Check out our website development services to help your website appear credible and valuable in the eyes of Google and, most importantly, users.

3. Quality of Content on the website

The phrase “Content is King” is widely used to address the importance of content for a website’s SEO. 

Actually, you and everyone else who has ever used the search engine must be well aware of the vitality of creating high-quality content. That’s because whenever you search for something, Google filters out millions of pages to get you the best read. And you enjoy it, don’t you?

Wouldn’t you like the content of top-notch quality for your website? You sure would do. And that’s exactly how it comes under your control. To be honest, content is the most straightforward yet the most challenging aspect of SEO. 

Creating good content is preferable; however, creating value-adding content is what Google loves. 

4. Associated Relevance of the Webpages

Remember when we said that a search engine is a repository facilitating the knowledge about the target audience? Well, there’s nothing more important than leveraging this knowledge. 

When you use tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, SEMrush, etc., you get to know what people are searching for. 

This helps you build a strategic pipeline that can cater directly to the targeted audience. 

The more you know about your customers, the more you get better at tailoring your services according to their needs. 

The question is, Why Invest So Much of Your Time in SEO?

SEO, as previously mentioned, is the foundation of business growth on Google. It allows for you to be visible. Believe us, visibility alone can do wonders for your trade.

On a separate note, you don’t have to spend much of your time in SEO. Honestly, you can just hand over the work to an SEO agency (like MetricsLion) and consistently monitor the progress of web pages. 

That said, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of SEO for your construction website. 

Where’s there’s SEO, there’s Trust

Because Google uses backlinks, on-page elements, content, and even user experience into account for ranking, it is obvious that the results that rank on the first page are credible and trustworthy in their delivery.

From the users’ perspective as well, the topmost websites are the most relevant and, thus, the most credible to address their queries. 

However, note that credibility and trust aren’t built in a day — SEO is a long and steady process, and so is brand development through it.

Good SEO means Higher Customer Satisfaction

That’s quite obvious! Again, the results ranking on the first page have information tailored right to the search term. 

That way, these results make for ideal knowledge bases. Leads do tend to like these results and soon convert into customers.

Because Google values Customer Satisfaction, the SEO of the websites is focused at the same, thus, creating a win-win scenario for both the businesses and the users.

SEO Improves the Traffic and Increases Conversions

Approaches like Local SEO explicitly emphasize catering to a specific audience. SEO professionals often use the local search options to attract prospects and retain them over a certain period. 

The probability of retaining is high since users are looking for local solutions. Apart from this, SEO helps generate organic traffic and boost conversions through value-addition. 

SEO is Cheaper than Advertisements

You have to invest in SEO, and there’s hardly any doubt about it. But this investment would be meager when compared to what businesses spend on PPC (pay per click) or PPA (pay per acquisition) models.

Although advertisements are viable solutions to generating high traffic, you can’t run these ads for long, or can you?

SEO is Unbiased

Just like Google is unbiased at ranking the results, the resulting optimization, too, is unbiased. 

Frankly speaking, the search engine is a pool of opportunities with no explicit inclination whatsoever. 

Because of this, the businesses (big or small) start from the same level. 

SEO is for the Long-Term (2021 and Beyond)

SEO doesn’t die even if some practices become obsolete. Google is an utterly dynamic search engine; however, the foundation remains the same — feed value to the users.

Hence, if you’re able to provide a good user experience, you’re gearing up for long-term success.

Let Us Help You with Your Website’s SEO

As an SEO agency in Miami helping home improvement and construction companies, we at MetricsLion highly believe in the power of excellent SEO. We know about the best practices on search engines, and we’re well equipped with the resources to implement these practices. Reach out to us to discuss more about your expectations. We’re all ears.


If the answer is no or barely, have our team perform an in-depth audit of your website & SEO for free, so you can see where your website needs improvement to boost leads.

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