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A website’s job is not only to help you create a great first impression online but to generate leads as well. It is like another salesman for your business – and an excellent one at that. Just make sure it is built to attract visitors and convert them into customers, with help from our Miami website design team.

Custom Responsive Website Design
increase sales

An effective website with great content increases the probability for increased sales.

business credibility

Consumers will have a greater chance of considering your business credible over companies who either do not have a web presence, or have a poor website presence.

24/7 availability

Having a website provides your consumers with around-the-clock availability in terms of access to products and information about the services you provide.

Competitive edge

Chances are your competitors have a website and they’re using it to their fullest advantage. In order to keep up or surpass the competition, having a website is a must.

MetricsLion is a premium website development company that caters to the marketing needs of home improvement companies, contractors and construction companies across the USA. Our approach to web designing is systematic and follows a logical order. Web design is not only a creative exercise – it also requires research on the latest UI/UX trends and how to present information effectively. Our team of professional web designers Miami follows an exhaustive process to furnish engaging, user-friendly, and attractive websites that help convert website visitors into leads.

STAGE 1: Formulate Plans and Goals

Before we proceed to work on the design of a website, it is crucial to lay down an action plan and set goals for it. We begin by preparing a clear blueprint to put in place a foundation for the project. Goal setting allows us to project a realistic timeline for the project.

Our website development company believes in keeping the process of web designing transparent from the beginning. This first step allows us to confirm that our team of Miami web designers and the client visualize the same thing and that expectations and ideas match.

STAGE 2: Drafting, Designing, and Developing

This is the stage when our website development company gets to be creative and exploratory. Our team of skilled Miami web designers drafts the layout of the website. This stage takes time and requires attention to detail. Colors, logos, placement of information, images, videos, animation, the order of pages, etc. are all ideated and developed in this stage.

The process of web design constitutes a lot of trial and error to get to the desired outcome. Our focus is on designing and developing a website that caters to the client’s needs and is user-friendly in nature and engaging.

STAGE 3: Content Writing

Web designing does not end with designing the layout; once we have the plan, we develop content to put on the web page. We write original content based on the client’s needs. Good content writing for a web page is an art; it must be fresh, simple to understand, and precise.

STAGE 4: Design testing, Client review, and Going Live

Once the website is ready, before launching the website, we run a test. We check whether all the inserted features are function properly, all the hyperlinks are connected and if navigation for a user is smooth. If there are any glitches faced, the web design is modified accordingly.

Once our tests give us the green signal, the website is launched.

Have any questions regarding our process? Reach out to our website development company Miami by scheduling a free over the phone consultation! We’d be happy to hear from you and help you with your questions.

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Web Design That Speaks Your Brand

Pre-made website templates are available online at a low cost. These are basic templates that offer less to no room for customization and they are not built to convert leads. When you get one of these templates, expect to receive a basic website that doesn’t generate any sales for you. On the flip side, when you work with our Miami website design and web development team, you’ll get a professional website that is built to capture the attention of potential customers and it will help convert more web visitors into leads. We work closely with you to come up with a design that speaks your brand, resonates with your audience, and makes you stand out online. Contact us today for your free estimate and consultation. 

Optimized, Mobile-Responsive Website

Following the conversion-focused approach, our team develops your website to become SEO-ready and mobile-responsive. Now that mobile users dominate the web, our team works with great effort to make sure your website looks and functions properly in any screen size. Our team will check everything on your site, including plug-ins and third-party tools, to make sure it works perfectly before the launch date. Hire our Miami website design team today and we’ll do everything to turn your website into the best sales partner your business has ever had!

Custom Responsive Website Design
Custom Responsive Website Design
Custom Responsive Website Design

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